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Skateboarding in Vermont
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Green Mountain Skate.

Post about skating, how you can't skate because of the rain, who you'd like to skate with, who you are skating with, where you're skating at, if you'd like to skate with other people...post pics but put them behind cuts, post vids with links.

I don't want to see the word(s) poser/poseur ANYWHERE. We all had to start out somewhere, so don't put down someone forgetting that you were once there too. If I see it, just like SKATE, you're out. Same deal with ANY discriminating, hateful, bashing, troll, or otherwise demeaning comments or posts.

We come from all types, all different walks of life, yet we all skate, respect that.

Represent-the bigger the group, the bigger the shesh, the bigger the shesh the more we get our way. . . get involved locally and we can put Green Mountain Skate into the industry.

Kick. Push.